“How do she and her husband Kroy find balance among all that stuff? For them, feng shui is the answer. According to the couple, they recently began working with certified feng shui professional Ashley Cantley, who they have come to love and adore — and the small home changes they’ve made have had a major impact on their lives. For one, they’re planning a big yard sale in Georgia at the end of the month to get rid of the excess of things.”


I really fell in love with her. Her report was so insanely accurate. She comes highly recommended – Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann


She was a great person to work with

It’s literally life changing. The energy, you can almost feel it

If you follow her process and her step by step stuff you can feel the difference in your space




Ashley performed a complete assessment in our home, focusing on areas we were concerned about. She was receptive to our questions and thoroughly explained the rationale behind each change.


We promptly received our report in less than 24 hours with illustrations of the recommended changes.


In a short period of time, we noticed the energy in our home start to improve. It was a pleasure working with Ashley and we highly recommend her.

-Cynthia G , Nurse Practitioner


Details matter. Placement and design require purpose. As a realtor, I rely on Ashley’s vision and purposeful design to attract and retain maximum energy and flow for buyers, sellers and developers.

-Michael Goetz , Real Estate Agent


I knew I wanted to work with Ashley to specifically focus on ways to open up opportunities professionally. Although we were on opposite coasts Ashley was immediately able to to drop in and make intuitive recommendations that I could immediately implement.


As someone who works from home having a space that encourages productivity but also maintains a sense of coziness and relaxation is a hard combination to achieve. Ash’s recommendations and coaching were able to clear out a lot of metaphorical cobwebs (and physical!) that were keeping me from maximizing the opportunities coming my way.


In fact, afterwards I was thrilled to see that even brand new business paths literally opened up before me in ways I hadn’t been able to see before. Thanks so much, Ashley!

-Aubrey M , Producer and Actor​


I am extremely glad we contacted Ashley for our Feng Shui consultation. Being new to Feng Shui I was a little nervous but Ashley was very personable and worked up a great plan that was very doable for my family.


We needed help in the areas of wealth, career and children. About a week after we started our plan my husband, who was recently laid off, got a great job offer which paid even more than his previous job!


The energy and flow of our house already seems to have improved so much just by making some minor adjustments and additions.
Ashley worked up our report very quickly and it was very easy to understand and follow. I am so excited to keep working on our plan and look forward to consulting with Ashley in the future.

-Becky G

I have always been very interested in Feng Shui. I have bought books to try to learn and do it on my own. I didn’t sense any change until I had consulted an expert who adjusted everything I was doing incorrectly.


Ashley’s Feng Shui consultation totally changed my life. It helped with my sporadic sleeping patterns and gave me a balance where I am able to finally sleep at night.


I have found it very helpful and have increased my mood and focus and rid me of my procrastination.


I was finally able to finish my screenplay! After our one on one video chat consultation, Feng Shui Ash remained very accessible to me by email or phone and continued to give me encouragement. And it helped me book a job too!

-Eddie W , Actor and Writer