BLOG & PODCAST: Use Feng Shui With The Law of Attraction

I’m doing a manifestation experiment this month that I’m so excited about.  I’ll update you on those results at the end of June. But, the gist is, I’m a week into changing virtually everything about my mindset. I’m reading a lot about the Law of Attraction (think The Secret), watching Bob Proctor videos every morning, and of course using Feng Shui . I suddenly realized that Feng Shui works hand in hand with The Law of Attraction. And, since The Secret is so mainstream now, I’m hoping it will help you understand how to use Feng Shui.

I have so much I want to tell you about Feng Shui and how you can use it to manifest your dreams, and I’m so passionate about it, that I realize I need to TALK about it.

So I’ve recorded the very first Feng Shui Ash podcast episode that will be up on iTunes shortly but for now you can listen to it below.

In this very first podcast episode I talk about:

  • What is the Law of Attraction
  • Using the Law of Attraction with Feng Shui
  • You know good Feng Shui when you feel it
  • How I use Feng Shui to make simple changes in my house

What I FORGOT to say in this episode was what I’ve manifested using Feng Shui with the Law of Attraction. I landed a huge job working for NBC Universal  (read my bio for the full story on that), I found the love of my life (a cancer fighting super hero), and as if that wasn’t enough, we have manifested new jobs, health insurance (sounds so simple yet that took some major vision), and the list goes on and on!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this episode and please SHARE them with me by commenting below.



The Secret made the Law of Attraction popular but did you know you can use it with Feng Shui too?

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