BLOG: The 3 Things I did To Get Pregnant

Before I had my son, I had a miscarriage that resulted in surgery and a LONG recovery period. Along the way of trying to conceive people shared a lot of information that was not uplifting, to say the least. I was told I had a tilted uterus and would have trouble conceiving (who even heard of this), that my age (35 at the time) would make it harder, and I even had one friend tell me matter of factly that she had a friend who had 9 miscarriage before having a baby (really just not something you want to hear while recovering and trying to conceive). And add to this list that my husband is a Testicular Cancer survivor with one testicle – check out his inspiring journey HERE.  Despite all of this, I ‘easily’ got pregnant again and delivered a healthy baby boy shortly after my quest began.

Here Are The Three Things That I Did To Enhance Fertility When I Got Pregnant:


I Held a Strong Vision And Then Expected the Outcome I Wanted.

Mindset is EVERYTHING. The Law of Attraction states that where your focus flows, energy goes and that like attracts like. When you expect a difficult road to pregnancy the Universe says “your wish is my command” and that will be your experience. If you believe that you will have an easier time getting pregnant, you’re vibrating at the level of what you want to achieve and you will have an easier experience. You can listen to the podcast blog I did on The Law of Attraction HERE and Jack Canfield is the master of the Law of Attraction and you can read more from him on that HERE

So despite the roadblocks that were seemingly in my way, I knew I was going to have a baby, and I did. In Feng Shui, intention is everything. So know what you want, visualize it, and expect it to happen.

I Increased My Personal Energy With High Vibrational Food

I only ate foods that could be eaten in the pure form. Foods, like apples, spinach, broccoli, seeds, nuts, beans, etc vibrate at the highest levels and hold the strongest life force energy. When you nourish yourself with these foods, your chi, or life force energy increases. On the other hand, if you are eating processed foods that have no nutritional value, what do you think that does to your energy? And, think about this – if you are eating chicken and that animal was raised in horrible conditions, lived in a factory, pumped with chemicals then killed inhumanly, what kind of energy do you think that adds to your body? I’m not saying you have to be vegan but I am saying consider where your food comes from and fill up on whole foods. It’s what I did and it worked. But by the way, I did splurge when I was pregnant ( I don’t eat meat, fish, etc but I craved lollipops which were all sugar but in my defense naturally derived).  Feng Shui is about increasing our personal energy so that we can vibrate at higher levels and manifest our goals and choosing whole foods does this. Dr. Fuhrman has great books on nutrition that I recommend and I’m currently obsessing over Sahara Rose’s Ayurveda Book (she has a podcast too).

I Enhanced The Energy Of My Space That Correlates To Children

In Feng Shui there are 9 energetic areas of space, one of those correlating to Children. It’s located at the MIDDLE RIGHT HAND SIDE of your home/room and  you can alter that space to enhance your fertility. Here are a few ways to increase the energy (without going into the science and theories behind it all): Decorate with the colors white or grey, add something metal (think picture frame, statue, etc), hang an image that brings up happy child or baby feelings ( maybe an animal with it’s baby, or an abstract painting of a baby, whatever it is that inspires you and makes you think baby), and lastly decorate with a round shape. I hung a painting of a mother holding a baby  in the children area of my bedroom and every time I walked by it I held onto my vision and expected the outcome I wanted.

My Baby Boy

I share my fertility story a lot because I know the journey can sometimes feel like a struggle, miscarriages are taboo, and women over 30 are afraid. I hope you share this with someone you know who needs encouragement or who can relate!




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