BLOG: 4 Ways To Ground Yourself When Life Gets Busy

When I start to feel stressed out or anxious I go to the country. It’s my no fail prescription for a dose of calm and connectedness backed up by science.

The energy of earth is grounding and stable. When you’re going through job transitions, breakups, or parenting has you going in a million directions, perform an earth cure to your space. It’ll create balance, calm you down, and will center you. It’s quick and effective and here’s how to do it:

Find The Center Of Your Space

Every part of your home/apartment/business correlates with a different element (in Feng Shui the elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). To find the location that correlates with Earth in your space (where you want to perform the cure),  find the center.

Add Color

The color associated with Earth is…you guessed it, earth colors. Paint a wall or hang a painting featuring yellows, brown, or any other earth tone that calls to you. Make sure the image is one that inspires you and not one that feels negative which will seep into your subconscious and bring your energy down.

(image via Etsy)















Add A Plant

Add a plant to your space. The bigger the plant the bigger impact it’ll have and  if you can add 3 plants even better. Circular leaves are best, flowering plants in yellow are great but don’t use cactus (prickly plants and flowers are no no’s). I’m currently obsessing over Ferns and Pilea plants, also called Chinese money plants (pictured below).

(image via Apartment Therapy)


  Add A Rectangular Table

The shape that represents Earth element is a cube, square, or a horizontally positioned rectangle (aka a table). An easy way to incorporate Earth using a shape is by adding a table,

(image via Anthropologie)

By adding grounding earth elements to our space we can shift our energy and calm our minds. And, you can do this to any space including a desk (find the center of the desk and do mini cures using photos, small plants, etc), a car, or wherever else you spend a lot of time.




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