BLOG: 4 Ways To Increase Flow When You Feel Stuck

When I need answers in my life, I love looking to the ocean to meditate on the questions I have about which direction to take. This weekend my husband surprised me with a trip to the Gulf of Mexico so I could get some much needed r& r and to celebrate my birthday. From chasing around a toddler, to work, and studying I was exhausted. So what better way to find peace and to get clarity on my year past and year ahead then looking into those rolling waves.

The ocean holds an energetic stillness and an energetic movement. It’s the yin and yang duality that brings peace and calm to your life and also rushing inspiration that allows in opportunity.

If you want peace and clarity in your life or if you want to increase the opportunities, money, friends, or relationships that flow into your life, add water energy to your space. Here’s how to do it:

Find The Front & Center Of Your Space

Water element’s natural position in your space is the front and center of your space. In my house, that’s the front door and entrance area but maybe in your space it’s a living room, study, or elevator entrance to a business space. Whatever your set up is, this area is a natural fit to enhance the water element of your space.

Add Color

The colors associated with water is navy blue and black. Add a pop of color by painting a wall or using wallpaper. If that’s too extreme for you, add a navy blue or black pillow, sculpture, plant pot, or whatever calls to you.

Image via Beautiful Wall Decals










Add An Image Of Water

Another way to invoke the water energy is by adding an image of water to your space. Any painting or photo that’s inspiring to you will work. Water coming your way creates a flow of opportunities rushing towards you. Still water creates a tranquil vibe. Pick the one that calls to action what you want to manifest in your life. Just don’t pick an image of water flowing away from you because that will drain your flow.

Image by Giuseppe Milo










Add Water

Adding the actual element is always a good way to pull in energy. You can add water in the form of a fish tank or decorative element. And, you can do it on a grand scale or small scale like this cute little antique water fountain.

Image via Home Depot












Water plays a huge role in Feng Shui because of the power of its chi. Incorporate it in one of the ways I describe above or for maximum potency, use all of the cures above.



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