3 Tips From My Celeb Clients, Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann

I was thrilled to do a Feng Shui consultation for Bravo’s ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Stars Kim (Zolciak) and Kroy Biermann. With a home like theirs, it’s no wonder why they’re abundant; They’re truly living a high-vibe life. And here are 3 things they’re doing that you can copy to align yourself with the flow of wealth (in all areas of life):

Add a water element to your outdoor space

Kim and Kroy have a beautiful rock waterfall outside their home. It was so beautiful I had to sit and soak in the energy. Water = Wealth and you can see the water is flowing towards their house which means they’re calling in wealth and new opportunities. So many people add water features to their homes and have water running away from the home which is an energetic no-no. No matter big or small, adding water to the front of your home puts you on a higher vibration.

Use fragrance in your home to manifest your goals

Kim has a line of diffusers and custom essential oil blends from her luxury lifestyle brand, Kashmere Kollections, that she diffuses all over her home. You can use orange to call in wealth, lemon to make more love and babies, and lavender to relax and ground yourself. She gifted me with the beautiful ‘Witches Brew Diffuser’ which is much more beautiful than the other ones I own and I’ve been using it day and night. And, it adds a touch of luxury to my space.

Hang photos that make you happy

Kim and Kroy’s home is filled with beautiful family photos. It was so clear that every photo was taken and hung with love. It’s impossible not to feel good when you see those photos and that generates so much good energy in the family and relationship areas of your life. Choose images for your walls that make you feel joy every time you see them


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