BLOG: 3 Mudras (Hand Gestures) That’ll Change Your Life

In the past I felt completely awkward when, at the end of a yoga class, I was told to do a mudra. I had no idea why I was doing it but I half heartedly went along with it figuring it was something that would enhance my spirituality or make me at least look super spiritual.

But as it turns out, mudra’s are super cool tools we can use in everyday life to help us achieve things we want.

A mudra is a gesture that intentionally redirects and shifts your energy and people have been using it even before (but including) the ancient Egyptians. Everyone knows the prayer mudra and the mudra commonly done in meditation (thumbs to middle finger) but there are so many more that you can use in your daily life to enhance your personal energy. And as we know (or you’re learning) Feng Shui is all about enhancing our personal energy.

Here are three mudas I keep in my back pocket and here’s when you can use them:

When You’re Annoyed AF

Use Buddhi mudra when you’re about to ‘go low’ at work when your colleague annoys you or when you’re about to lose your temper with your significant other. By using this mudra you can ‘go high’ instead. Pause, do the mudra, take a few deep breaths and think about the way you want to communicate versus the emotional response you were just about to give. Then continue on with your communication.


Here’s what  Buddhi mudra looks like.

When The Last 10 lbs Just Won’t Quit

Surya mudra helps direct your energy to the organs that help stimulate your digestive system and metabolism. So when you’re doing everything right to lose weight but you want to speed up the process, try this mudra. Do it anytime and anywhere for a metabolism boost – the harder your press your fingers the more you’ll stimulate the energy.


Here’s what Surya mudra looks like.



When You Need Some Money Honey

Kubera Mudra is one of the most powerful manifestation mudras. So many of us block ourselves from achieving next level success. We play small by aligning ourselves with the wrong tribe, repeating the same money mistakes over and over, or continued negative self talk. Stop doing that and use Kubera mudra to help you manifest your dream life (more money, that trip around the world, or whatever it is you want). Do it twice a day or whenever the idea (that you want more) occurs to you.


Here’s what Kubera mudra looks like.

PS: When You Make A Change To Your Space

In Feng Shui, when I make a change to my space I have a clear intention of why I am making the change, I visualize want I want from the change, then I use a mudra to help channel the energy. My favorite is the open heart mudra or Dhyana mudra. It improves concentration and helps me stay open to receiving. To do this mudra, place the left hand over the right and touch thumbs together (as pictured above).

What’s your favorite mudra? Comment below.



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