BLOG: 3 Ways To Ensure Feng Shui Success

Imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions. – Albert Einstein

Have you ever tried hanging a crystal or painting a wall because you heard it was good Feng Shui? Then NOTHING happened. Why?

Because, 70 percent of what makes Feng Shui work is the intention that goes behind the changes you make to your space. Making the physical change is only 30 percent of the equation. I created this Instagram video to explain:

I use a mudra (hand gesture) and mantra every time I make a change to my house and within a few weeks my life shifts dramatically.

And, becoming aware of your surroundings and opening yourself up to possibilities is also imperative to see the magical results of Feng Shui. If you tend to keep your earphones in all day, watch TV all day, or move through life in auto-pilot you won’t see the opportunities that come your way from the energetic changes you’ve made. So:

Set your intention

Make the change

Visualize the intention

Have faith that your intention will materialize

Be open to those changes!



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